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you = $2
you + 10 1st level x 20 tags = 200 tags pays you $20
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you + 10000 4th level x 20 tags = 200000 tags pays you $20,000
you + 100000 5th level x 20 tags = 2,000,000 tags pays you $200,000
you + 1000000 6th level x 20 tags = 20,000,000 tags pays you $2,000,000

16 Reasons To Join Today

Never have a boss!
Make your own hours!
No meetings to go to!
No phone calls to make!
No spamming anyone!
No inventory!
No supplies to buy!
No leads to follow up!
It’s recession-proof!
Work from home!
Time with your family!
Financially stable!
No special skills needed!
No office to commute to!
It’s mathematically guaranteed!
Start making money in days!


to promote and earn monthly residual affiliate commissions for every pro member you bring in to Free Members earn $1 for every pro member referred and Pro Members earn $2 (50% of the monthly Pro Membership Fee) for every pro member referred to






2$$ for Women you invite

1$$ for men you invite


Come on join MyLikes and make money.

Don’t know how to join ? Let me show you :
■Sign Up for free : MyLikes
■Login to your account and click “Setting”
■Enter your profile information, twitter account, and check categories that you are interest.
■Click “Champaigns”
■Create Sponsored likes for the following products and services, post it to your twitter and website and make money every time someone clicks on it.
■Get $4 for every influencer you invite. And get $20 for every advertiser who signs up and spends more than $40 on MyLikes.
■You can withdrawal via Paypal


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