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New free program called Forex4free.Get $200 FREE!!!!

It appears to be for real and you actually do get$200 and you don't have to pay a thing!
Only time will tell how "real" it is.It's a German based program and your free $200 ispart of a managed Forex account, so it's going to grow for you. When it reaches $1500, you have toput it into your very own managed Forex account -they still manage it for you, but they take 25%of your profits and you get 75% of the profits.Why should they give you $200 for free?Well it's all explained in their FAQ on their site at.....FOREX4FREE
if the German site comes up,
just click the US/UK flag to see the English version.You must have a Liberty Reserve account in order to register. You can set up an account at no cost here...

Liberty Reserve

$200 will be added to your account by the admin.within 24 hrs.
Once the money is in your account
click make deposit to account on the left side and choose Freeforex plan and deposit all $200 fromyour account balance. You must also deposit all your referral commissions as you receive them. You will get an email each time you receive a referralcommission.
($20 first level and $10 other levels)
This one is filling up very fast so you need to act now before all spots are filled.Pass these instructions on to people you are inviting in and be sure to deposit your $200 as soon as you receive it or you will lose it after 24 hours.



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